Meet The Team

Cindy Lowman


Cindy Lowman is a highly accomplished and dedicated real estate broker, property manager, and investor based in the Greater Las Vegas area. Originally from Seattle, her career is distinguished by her savvy and innovative approach, combined with a strong technical acumen. Cindy's business thrives on repeat customers and referrals, testament to her exceptional service and expertise.

Her work ethic is underpinned by a full-time staff that manages various details, allowing her to focus on her core strengths. Cindy is particularly renowned for her innovative marketing strategies and her use of state-of-the-art technology in real estate sales. She is actively involved in every stage of the home marketing process, from conceptualizing effective sales plans to handling negotiations and closing deals.

Cindy holds memberships in several prestigious organizations, reflecting her professional excellence:

● Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS)

● Las Vegas Association of Realtors (LVR)

● National Association of Realtors (NAR)

● National Association of Property Mangers (NARPM)

● Various Committees within LVR

She also has earned notable designations such as Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE).

Outside of work, Cindy is a devoted mother to twin boys and a passionate baseball fan, especially of the Seattle Mariners. She and her family are on a quest to visit every MLB stadium, having already marked 11 off their list. Beyond baseball, she enjoys camping, boating, traveling, and supporting the Seattle Seahawks.

Cindy's innovative approach involves appointing an ambassador for each MLB team who will attend all 162 games in a single season. This unique strategy not only fuels her passion for baseball but also serves her mission to combat homelessness across America. By raising funds and awareness at every game, these ambassadors embody Cindy's empathetic and entrepreneurial spirit. Her vision and this collaborative effort stand as a dynamic force in addressing the pressing issue of homelessness nationwide.

RenÉe Richmeier


Renée Richmeier has worked as the Listing Manager for Trifecta Realty & Property Management since 2016 after a previous career in technology and customer service. She is extremely talented keeping everything organized as well as having a keen eye for details making sure all the listings are perfect when they are syndicated to the Internet. Clients love how detail oriented she is and with her 5-star Customer Service skills, she makes sure that they know what is happening when their home is listed. She enjoys helping people sell their no longer dream home and watching them buy their new dream home.

Renée has a car full of children that keep her busy answering all sorts of crazy questions and chauffeuring them from place to place. When she is not with her amazing family, Renée keeps busy organizing and rearranging her home. She loves to read, garden, quilt, and learn new things. When she is not at home in Nevada she loves to travel and take her family on new adventures all over the country.

Alfredo Montero



Born in Quito, Ecuador Alfredo speaks Spanish and English fluently. At the age of 19 Alfredo and his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in search of the American dream.

Prior to entering Real Estate, Alfredo had a successful career in the hospitality industry that lasted almost 15 years. These experiences instilled in him the discipline it takes to build trust with his clients and to deliver high standards of customer service.

Through a lot of hard work and dedication, Alfredo is now able to offer his knowledge, negotiation, and people skills to buyers and sellers in this competitive market.

On his time off Alfredo likes to spend quality time with his family as well as to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and adventure sports.

As a Las Vegas Resident, and Real Estate professional, Alfredo recognizes the value of the trust his clients place in him and strives every day to exceed their expectations.




Silviu Bocancea was born in Romania and moved to America when he was 13. He comes from a background of 7 years in the assisted living industry and brings passion, problem-solving, and communication skills to the table when working with his real estate clients.

Silviu Bocancea attended the University of California, Berkeley, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and his skills in Economic Sociology pertaining to human behavior gives him a unique insight into how to bargain, market properties, and find the best deals.

Silviu Bocancea will apply his work ethic, competitiveness, and discipline as a former All-American Track and Field Capitan in order to deliver exceptional results.

Julie Murphy


Julie started her career at a family print shop in Downtown Seattle while attending The Art Institute of Seattle. Her career at Western Type & Print as the Pre-press and Graphics Manager ended after over 30 years when the company closed their doors.

In 2017 Julie opened her own business WestCat Graphics. She creates logos, print files and provide valuable print brokering services for my customers like Trifecta Realty & Property Management, Cotes de Ciel Winery, and American Fire & Security.

Many years in the printing and graphics industry, has given Julie the skills and knowledge to provide her customers with the best product within a budget, dealing with tight deadlines where accuracy and expertise are imperative.

Julie has advanced proficiency in Adobe Software; Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe PDF file formats for printing and web use. Advanced skills with Photoshop graphics and photo retouching. Creating graphics, preparing mechanical files for outsourced printing, offset, digital, etched glass, flexoprint, thermography, embossing, foiling die-cutting and static screen are also skills Julie possesses.

Julie has been invaluable to Trifecta Realty & Property Management as she creates all of our logos, print and Internet designs.

When Julie isn’t busy designing, she loves to travel, roller skate and spend time with her family and friends at their beach home. Julie is married and has a son, daughter and granddaughter.

Marites Taclin


Growing up in a small town, Marites learned the values of determination and persistence through the familiarities of industry. She worked as an Industrial Merchandiser for a clothing company and took on the challenges as a Virtual Administrator for foreign clients for more than five years after that. With the time she has worked with both overseas and local clients, she developed the necessary attitude for collaborative teamwork and adaptation to various environments across the business hierarchy. These are the qualities that led her to her successes, with—and above all else—the aptitude to be self-confident amidst all kinds of challenges.

With various experiences in different areas, Marites has acquired proficiency in WordPress, Research, and Customer Service. She is also adept at utilizing Microsoft Office, Google applications, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other Computer Systems. Working with such tools enabled her to improve her ability to multitask and organize. Nonetheless, her flexibility and openness to learning from her environment supersede the whole lot.

When Marites is not occupied with work or running a full yet endearing household, she spends her time perfecting meals as a home cook or exploring the delightful domain of baking. For leisure, she enjoys touring different locations in the country, as well as outside of it.



Opportunities for Jose didn’t necessarily come to him in a nip. It was instead, through his grit and steadfastness, that created these for him. After finishing his Economics degree in Ecuador in 2000, he eventually found himself moving to the USA in 2002 in search of new opportunities. He started his bookkeeping career through financial reporting as an Accounting Clerk in Las Vegas, Nevada. In due course, he earns the respect of the teams he works with by delivering high-quality results. Early in his career, he was determined by the value of being able to master a specific skill at a high level to complement his thoughtful and analytical nature. These are the things that make his way up to the corporate ladder. He was a Financial and Senior Business Analyst through 2010-2020, expanding his financing expertise in major casino resorts in Las Vegas. Due to his sense of day-to-day financial attainments, he now successfully co-owns the Short Term Rental Property in Henderson, NV. 

Some of his key responsibilities include:

 Records and allocates expenses onto Quickbooks

● Creates and Reports Financial Statements

● Reviews analyze and provide key highlights of the annual budget vs. actual, forecast vs. budget, and forecast vs. actual.

● Provides financial information for taxes payments

With all these come the unique skills that Jose tactfully attained through years of financial proficiency. He is formally certified in Coupa’s Platform courses and competent in programming and procurement software, such as Stratton Warren, Structured Query Language (SQL), Visual Basic, Quickbooks, among others. He is also knowledgeable in the intricacies of Internet Explorer, Aptos Retail Analytics, and Query Design. Naturally, his Ecuadorian nationality has benefitted him in the business through his fluency in both English and Spanish. As he progressed into professional bankrolling faculties and data management, he has also grown to adapt and learn from the industries he has been in for the entirety of his career.

Jose finds satisfaction in undertakings outside of work. Hiking, swimming, and working out are some of the things he adheres to during his free time. He is also a big fan of superhero and comedic films. He relishes family time with his two dynamic sons, either through delighting in competitive nerf gun battles or playing soccer.

Trifecta Realty and Property Management were thrilled to have Jose join their team.